Friday, December 23, 2011


The Winter Solstice used to be my favorite day of the year. Having children has changed my view of the sun. I used to loathe it, but now it comes in handy because it is easier to send the kids outside to play. We celebrated with Andrew's mom, dad, and sister (+1 - Rik). At Thanksgiving, my mother gave me an authentic Swedish pig advent candle holder. I was horrible at remembering to light it each of the four Sundays prior to Christmas so we lit them and said all of the advent prayers in one evening. I hope to be more on top of things next Christmas season:

One true Catholic plus some stand-ins:

Rik whipped out his 5-Santa Christmas vest for the occasion. Yes, there are four Santas in the front and one Santa in the middle of the back. He picked it up at a vintage shop when he lived in NY so we encouraged Ellen to put one of hers on so the Christmas spirit would be busting at the seams. Boy was it:

Tonight is a night of gathering. I hope we won't look like Hansel and Gretel and leave bits and pieces behind as we go to spread cheer.

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