Monday, December 5, 2011

Breakfast With Santa

My mother bought the kids tickets to Breakfast with Santa at her country club. The event was top notch and the kids had a blast. There were elves all over to accommodate any and all of the children's needs. In addition to that, there was: a delicious spread of food plus all-you-can-eat pancakes, balloon animals, craft rooms, bubble machines making snow outside, Santa to talk with, a hot chocolate bar, and a fondue fountain for the kids to enjoy. Grammie knows how to give the kids a good time.

Pixie Stixs the balloon elf:

Blake checking out the balloon dog he requested for Reade:

Blake posing with Grammie and Auntie Amy with his balloon candy cane (notice meat carving elf in the background):

We were first in line to give Santa our Christmas lists (and for Blake to tell Santa how good he really is even though his mom threatens, on a daily basis, to tell Santa all the naughty behaviors that occur):

This is how the list came about. We were driving somewhere and Blake said:
Blake - "Mom, I think we should talk about what I want for Christmas now."
Me - "Okay, what do you want."
Blake - (in one breath) "I want a Bumblebee Transformers iPad, cell phone, and tablet."
Me - (somewhat mortified) "Hmm, we will have to tell Santa."

My three year old wants an iPad, cell phone, and tablet for Christmas. Is this a reflection of my parenting? Do I yearn for the newest electronics? No. Oh, that is his father. Yup, the blame is going straight to him.

(Oh, and Reade's list was completed by Blake. After writing his list I asked what Reade might want. His response, "A penis and some poop." I told him that Reade already had those things and he came up with the rest)

Blake meeting Santa:

Reade disliking Santa:

What a great morning that was:

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