Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The noise in my head has been so loud today. The hustle and bustle that my neurons are making in my head cause me to focus on the tasks that help keep the calm. That includes:

Dehydrating more persimmons (round 2). I went to the organic garden supply to buy some magic bees wax lotion and found a basket of "free" persimmons for the taking. My solution, cube them instead of slice them and add them into the granola mix once the granola has baked. I love to cut the core into pieces so I can enjoy their stars:

Baking the Christmas bread. Batch one is fun and batch two tires me out a bit. I like focusing on the finishing touches:

The nativity scene is getting a bit noisy too. Animals are stirring and Mary is lying down getting ready for her labor to start in a matter of days. I know they speculate that Jesus probably was born in spring, but I still give the wooden Mary a shout out for those nine months of pregnancy:

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