Thursday, September 9, 2004

Home Shopping Summary Sept. 8

So we drove to Brentwood this evening to look at homes. Well, Brentwood and Discovery Bay. We went through 4 homes, and of that two were notable. A brief summary:

Beaver St.
Discovery Bay
$439k (overpriced)
3bdr 2bath
1692 sqft


  • The yard is pretty much finished
  • Big living room
  • Nice patio out the back door, covered
  • Good neighborhood
  • Backs up to park
  • Large lot
  • Attached 2 car garage


  • Galley Kitchen, would need to be redone eventually
  • Overpriced, closer to $420k value
  • Bathrooms are "70's style"
  • No overhead lighting

Pippo St.
4bdr 2bath
1940 sqft


  • Large kitchen
  • Odd layout is "easily" fixed by taking out 2 non-load-bearing walls, and covering a couple doorways
  • After a bunch of mostly "cosmetic" fixes, it could be worth lots more (realtor says if the stuff I mention here were fixed, it would sell for $500k now)
  • Large lot
  • Attached 2 car garage
  • Backs up to empty lot, curmudgeon owns it and has no plans to sell. Zoned for homes if he does sell
  • Walking distance to elementary school and water park


  • Previous person did lots of work themself, and it shows (home depot cabinets, etc)
  • Really odd layout
  • Pool in backyard would need to be filled in (not a cement pool; fiberglass liner)
  • Lots of backyard work to do other than the pool
  • Fence is showing its age

So those are the two that we found the most attractive. Both would need work (one a kitchen, one everything but the kitchen). We're tending towards less work right now, so the Pippo house is rather unattractive in the amount of work that it needs done.

I like the yard and the layout of the Beaver house, other than the galley kitchen. Shannon doesn't like its bathrooms.

Of course, we're going to keep looking. But as a first day of looking, I think we did pretty good!


Anonymous said...

As an update, after sleeping on it, we've decided not to go with either house. The problems with both houses just didn't outweigh the benefits.

We're going to keep our eyes open though, and if we were meant to have either of these houses they'll still be on the market when we start thinking about them again after we see some other homes.

Anonymous said...

OOOWWW! A fixer upper. Don't resist, it is in your genes. Along with ugly dogs and old furniture. The fixer upper satisfies your inner need to take something and make it into something better.