Monday, September 13, 2004

Happy Birthday Mommie!

Happy Birthday to my mommie! You are super special and I hope you have a great day. Andrew and I love you lots. Enjoy your new satellite radio.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Shannon and Andrew!
Happy Birthday to your Mom, too, from us. She is one heckuva nice lady. You're very fortunate to have her as a mom, and we to have her as a friend. Also, we love your house below. I hope you get it. If not, then another one will come that is THE house. But this one sure looks like a great one. We love ranch houses, too. That's cool that the fellow works or worked at Livermore, too. That might just help you get it. One hand washes the other, right? Teenie Jeanie looked great when we saw her the other day. Corky is great. We saw another Irish Terrier on 21st St. today, and she's owned by the couple who own a boutique nearby. We talked, and she's looking for another Irish. So, I got her card and sent her an e-mail with phone numbers and e-mail addresses so she can find another red dog. Good luck on your house. Happy belated Anniversary, too, you two lovebirds. :)))))
Your friends,
Paula and Paulie and Mr. Corky