Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reade (Nine Months)

Reade's 9 month photo was a bust! I am two weeks late and he hated having his picture taken. This photo was the best one of the bunch. I would love to have his baby album full of happy baby pictures, but who are we kidding here? Sometimes days just don't go as expected.

At 9 Months I:
* went from no teeth to five teeth in the span of 10 days
* got my second ear infection
* crawl super fast and can pull myself up on anything
* say two sound sentences
* baby sign "all done" and "more"
* impress my mommy that I don't stick everything in my mouth
* go to bed at 8pm and only wake up once per night (if that)
* sleep in till 8am
* prefer one, long nap during the day
* am not really into eating finger foods myself
* love to play with my brother, but enjoy baby friends too
* still get called a red-head although my mom thinks I will be blonde
* throw myself backwards when I get upset
* think my name is "Readey Peadey Pumpkin Pie, Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry" because my mom says that all the time.
* seem a bit more accident prone than my older brother
* have juicy thighs that my mom adores
* finally let my mom leave the room for extended periods of time without freaking out
* will try almost anything to eat

Check out my Eight Month photo.

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