Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Reade (Ten Months)

Why does my child dislike that horse so much now?

At 10 Months I:
* Have attempted a few steps on my own
* Love to babble
* Tend to speak loudly
* Still squeal in a high pitch way when I want things
* Shove myself in tight spots
* Push/pull harder when things aren't going my way
* Cry whenever I get hurt and my brother is in a five foot vicinity
* Don't cry if I get hurt and it is my own fault
* Sleep through the night because my mom refuses to get up (I still try though)
* Enjoyed sitting in hot springs with my family
* Walk around the house pushing shopping carts or fire trucks
* Now put everything in my mouth
* Eat almost everything
* Got another tooth
* Make my mom think I am going to be a talker and a joker

Check out my Nine Month photo.

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