Monday, February 28, 2011

He Tri'd

Blake finished his first triathlon over the weekend. Great job Blake! Blake was entered in the Stanford Treeathlon in the Saplingathon division. He was in Heat 2 in the Acorn division for children under 5. Instead of a swim, the kids had to throw a water balloon at a target. Then, he biked for 0.5 of a mile. After that, he went on a 0.1 mile run. He got tired during the bike leg, but finished strong! I couldn't be prouder.

Getting ready for the race:

{warning: screaming mom, adjust your volume}

The starting line (Blake is in the very front with the yellow helmet):

All done with the balloon toss. Time to bike:

I started to wonder where they had gone, but Blake finally came around the turn. He said he was tired so Andrew pulled him along:

Time to run:

Crossing the finish line. I apologize for the coughing fits. This lingering cough rears its ugly head after cheering so much:

Gummy snacks and "triathlon water" always make it worthwhile:

His medal:


Andrew Hurst said...

Note that Blake had so much fun throwing the water balloon at the person in the Cal Bears outfit they had as the target, that he went back for another toss.

gloria scott said...

Yeah! Blake! What a little champ....
what will they think of next?
Great Aunt G