Saturday, March 12, 2011


Okay, now Ellen and I are on a quest to find a rental that has an in-law unit in the back so we can live like one happy communal family. I find these great houses, but the rent is out the roof. Will we make it happen? Who knows. Is it fun looking at mansions? Completely!

4,800 square feet + separate in-law unit on the side
$5400/month rent main house + $1100/month rent in-law unit

The family room. The in-law unit is on the back of that wall:

There is an office to the left of the entertainment center in the family room. The office has a full bathroom to the right. Behind another door is the in-law unit. The property manager told us the refrigerator, in the in-law unit, is currently in front of the other bathroom door. I thought it would be fun to move the fridge so Ellen and David could have a two-bedroom area with two bathrooms:

On the back of the family room is the kitchen and breakfast nook (where I am standing to take the photo):

On the right of the kitchen is the formal dining room/living room (grand staircase is behind me as I take the picture). The hallway door leads to three bedrooms and two bathrooms:

The grand foyer:

Downstairs there is this recreation room, a laundry room, and a small room where the two-story laundry chute ends up, and a small bathroom:

Right side of the recreation room. Oh, how I loved the idea of turning the little nook, on the right, into a sewing area:

The backyard from the master bedroom (sorry for the screen):

The house definitely had its pluses and minuses, but it will be the perfect house to rearrange and furnish while I fall asleep at night.

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