Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Ellen and David's lease is about up on their apartment so time to shop for a new rental. I love looking at houses and was so pleased with myself when I found this post on craigslist:

$2500 - 4br2ba house with huge lot in great location artists studio in back yard house needs paint clean up and some repairs

Ellen called the owner and he said that he would decrease the rent a bit, but the renter needs to paint and put in new carpets. We had to check it because Andrew's family has a knack for turning bland, outdated homes into fun places you "want" to be in. So here is what we found:

The artist's studio. Not so bad we thought:

Hmm, time to follow the trail of scratched off lottery tickets and check out the inside:

The kitchen wasn't so bad. Just needs some TLC:

The bedrooms are a tad bit dirty. Once again, just needing some elbow grease:

Okay, now it was getting gross. The floors under the disgusting carpet were rotted:

Noticeable damage in every room:

Really? $25oo/month for lack of windows. They told us to "go ahead on in ourselves" because the doors weren't even closed:

Ellen gave me a crash course in Dry Rot/ Termite Damage 101:

We got a few laughs out of that one. The owner said the tenant could fix all the stuff in under a week. Only if you apply for one of those home makeover shows and actually get them to do the work for you.

Good luck renting that one!


Danika said...

Please tell me that was in PA? It so looks like some of the places we looked at when we were scouring the area. Ugh, that is a tough market.

Shannon said...

This one is in Sunnyvale.

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