Monday, January 17, 2011

Reade (Eight Months)

(okay, today is his 9 month birthday, but cut me some slack! We have been busy this weekend so maybe I should turn these into "what Reade has done in the last month.")

At 8 Months I:
* can crawl
* pulled myself up on things and cruised a bit before I crawled
* say "mah mah mah" "da da da" and "buh buh buh"
* squeal like a high pitched pig when upset or wanting something
* eat three, full meals a day
* eat my mom's homemade baby food, but eat jarred veggies because she can't keep up
* am almost 20 pounds
* go to bed at 8pm and wake up at 5am for a feeding and then go back to sleep
* put my hands in my mouth when I want to nurse
* still don't have teeth
* actually wrestle with my brother
* yell in a happy way when I hear my brother
* stick out my tongue in a funny, pointy way
* let my mom walk about six feet away from me
* now feel "stranger danger"
* have a juicy, plump body my mother goes crazy for
* roll during diaper changes
* love my immediate and extended family and get lots of joy from seeing them

Check out my Seven Month photo

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