Sunday, January 30, 2011

Highs & Lows

We went to Pacifica to experience the rainbows:

There was a rainbow in the sky, but a storm in my heart. Our Eurovan now has a new family. They are Westfalia lovers so I know she will be in good hands. I miss that van terribly. Andrew is so relieved, but I am finding myself longing for all that VW vans represent (minus the dependent relationship one has with his mechanic):

The new owner flew to SF and then drove the Eurovan up to Seattle, Washington. I love how the van fits in so nicely. You can almost hear them talking to each other. I love how the new owner mentioned his mechanic like he is part of their family. Such a VW thing:

I am still mourning so posting a picture of our replacement (a minivan) might take a while.


laz said...

minivan. sadlaz :(

woz said...

I like the fact that the comment "many replaced engine parts" didn't deter your buyers from Seattle.