Thursday, January 6, 2011

Drive By Beaching

We took the van to the mechanics this morning for one last (minor) thing to be done before we sell it. That meant we had to drop Andrew off at work on our way back to Palo Alto. The kids were all dressed, fed, and antsy from being in the car so I decided to push the envelope and keep driving to the beach. What a great winter trip to the beach. The waves were so big they were crashing onto the sidewalks. It was great to teach Blake the difference between the winter ocean and the summer ocean.

It was gorgeous:

Reade touching his own version of the beach:


We ate at a cute cafe, combed the beach, and then headed to the local library to read some stories about the ocean. I love old, small libraries with adorable children's sections:

The beach air helped clear my head a bit.

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