Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Our friend recommended Roger Reynolds Nursery as a fun place to visit. I was excited to explore a new nursery with the boys. They have a magical redwood grove at the back of the property. It felt nice to look up and realize there is a lot more to the world than my own, little thoughts. I found the exact plants I was wanting too. Exciting.

Up to the sky:

Blake playing with the man made chess board:

Acting like an ant on the ground:

My son is becoming a man. This morning he ran around the house in his knight uniform slaying dragons (his own words). He brought me the slain dragon and told me to put it on the table. I put it on the table (I was feeding Reade) and then he walked over to the table and said, "You [meaning him] cut head off." Then, with his sword he proceeded to cut the head off the dragon. Imagine lots of low grunts and slow movements like he was using a butter knife to finish the dragon off. He smiled, walked away, and started the game all over again. I wish I drank coffee.

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