Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Here is a mother. Here is one of the top role models in society today. Do I love her? Yes. Do I wish I was her? Yes. Some people would say I am following a pipe dream not set in reality. Then why did I open this email tonight and wince? Dreams might be closer than we realize. The worst part is, these are things I think of often.

From the parents group I belong to (over 3,000 members):

Mother's Night Out
When: Jan. 22nd 7-10pm

* Looking your best for 2011 by (omitted name), professional image and style consultant

Wine appreciation by (omitted name), mom, lead for (omitted company) and a gal with great sense of humor
- Wine for your health: Calories & carbs, benefits and justifications
- What's in a glass? Selecting the right glass for the job, why it matters and when it doesn't
- Selecting wines: Price, Preference, and Pairing
- Leftover wine: Don't let it go to waste!

Girl Friend's Guide to Plastic Surgery by (omitted name), a Stanford and fellowship trained Plastic Surgeon, mother of three, private practice for over a decade. She believes in education and subtle, natural looking results. Come and ask your questions about anything from noninvasive ways to surgeries. She will be honest and informative.

Dance moves for 2011 - get your groove back(no dance skills required) by (omitted name), dance instructor

Light dinner and drinks served

I am trying really hard to love this area, but it is slowly dragging me into the "should be" category instead of the "can be" way of thinking. It is up to me to put down the wine glass, forego the plastic surgery pamphlets, and walk right by the Sephora store at the mall. Then what? What the heck am I supposed to do with my time/energy. I hope I figure that out before my sons really understand the world around them.

By the way, the new season of the Bachelor started (wink, wink).


laz said...

Have you seen the "how do people make ends meet in Palo Alto on only $300k/yr?" thread on PAMP? Beth showed it to me. I laughed. A lot.

This place is awesome.

Danika said...

oh, and I was always afraid to join PAMP

Skyla said...

hmmmmm, so tempting but really those women are annoying, and are they really fulfilled in life? But it would be really nice to just have to drink and shop all day, right?.......

Shannon said...

How long until I become one of them? Will I know I am there?