Friday, December 17, 2010

Reade (Seven Months)

At 7 Months I:
* Got up on all fours
* Can somehow get across the room without crawling
* Make a "phfffff" noise when I am really happy
* Cry quickly when my brother starts tackling me
* Laugh a deep laugh when my brother tackles me and I am in a good mood
* Have juicy thigh fat
* Still have reddish hair
* Started babbling by saying "blah blah blah"
* Can blow different kinds of raspberries as a way of communication
* Do a funny thing with my tongue that makes everyone think I am chewing on something
* Impress my mom with my finger dexterity
* Enjoy eating solid foods now and prefer the veggies (I love the peas the most)
* Still wake up in the night, but only fuss for a minute or so before going back to sleep
* Have been dropped on my head by accident (thanks mommy!)
* Am less serious and am entertained by the world around me
* Make my mommy want more babies because I am so fun

Check out my Six Month photo

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