Monday, January 31, 2011


This product is horrible:

It is really fun to use at first, but then your child will be covered in waxy product and smear it everywhere. Follow that with "easy clean up." This is what happens when you spray cleaner on the window and use paper towels like instructed:

We can finally go to the park again now that the rain has moved on. Friends doing friend things:

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woz said...

When I first got to the USA, I asked what good microfibre cloths were good for. A friend replied:

"Oh, they're great. My friend visited, and his kid drew
on my flat screen TV with crayon, and we all laughed
until he tried to wipe it off. It was smearing, he was
getting worried, and I was even getting a little
concerned. But, the microfibre cloth just cleaned it
with one wipe."