Friday, January 21, 2011


Thank you Sandra Mora for letting me borrow your photo.

I went to a Registered Dietitian the other day in hopes of finding someone who will both police my sugar cravings, as well as hold me accountable for what I feed myself and my dependents. The only dietitian I could find specializes in diabetes management. That was fine with me because cutting sugar is a goal of mine. Here are the three nuggets of information I gained from the appointment:

1. Preeclampsia is not linked to diet (so far there is no good evidence).

2. It is okay to have a sweet tooth. Just don't eat the sweet stuff instead of a meal. That is my problem. I tend to stand at the pantry, deem lunch too much effort, and stick my hand into a bag of spice drops and call it lunch. Not good.

3. Meal planning is the way to go. I have resisted meal planning for unknown reasons. I have no idea why I dislike the idea of being tied to certain meals throughout the week. A mother in my mom's group suggested a website where they provide you with the grocery list and then the recipes. I will share that once she sends me the link.

I don't feel like a changed person, but it is nice to get rid of some of the pressure I was saddling myself with. I can't believe I am falling into that stereotype of busy mom who doesn't have time for good meals. People might suggest time management websites, but until there is a column for "kids screaming/resisting/barfing on themselves at my feet while I am trying to get out the door" then I don't even want to bother.


Caroline said...

I'm definitely guilty of turning a sweet treat into a meal and I definitely do not meal plan. Since I don't have any screaming or barfing little ones, my only reason for not eating well is simply, eh, I'm too lazy. I've been dying to make something, *anything*, from this lady's site:

Skyla said...

So what you are saying is the bowl of Chocolate chips and spoonful of peanut butter was not a great dinner last night?