Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sunshine Remembrance

What do Californian's do when the sun comes out in July? Why, they go surfing. This last weekend we met up with our friends Casey and Skyla for a few hours of surfing (Andrew, not I). Here was the scene:

I love when surfer guys, think late 30's with shaggy, blonde hair, drive up to check out the waves. He moved on rather quickly, but I just loved the truck with the surfboard in the back:

Andrew checking out the waves:

Andrew on the left, Casey on the right paddling out for a tough day at sea (the waves were a bit much to fight):

Skyla and I took the boys on a nature walk up the mountain bike trail. Aiden was very good at collecting pine cones:

So busy:

Aiden realizing that parking lot pebbles don't really act like sand:

A short ride:

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