Saturday, February 20, 2010

Last L.A. Memories

On our last day of our L.A. trip we met up with Jessica in Culver City for a tour of her neighborhood. We started out driving by the Sony Pictures studio. There was a thrift store around the corner I wanted to stop at:

Here we are at the thrift store:

Andrew always talks about eating at Koo-Koo-Roo restaurants. I thought it was something special, but come to find out it is like a Boston Market (gross):

Heading up to the La Brea Tarpits:

Viewing the Lake Pit:

I just can't believe this place is in the middle of town:

Going in for some history lessons:

Andrew feeding Blake to the wooly mammoth:

Oh good, they are safe:

Time to measure up:

I love how they have so many examples of one type of bone:

Jessica introduced us to taco truck lane. Andrew and Ellen went to the Green taco truck for organic food and Jessica and I got breakfast burritos:

A trip to the Los Angeles Farmer's Market:

Driving back to Jessica's:

Rodeo drive. I loved the handbags in bird cages:

Goodbye L.A.:

We are packing up and about to hit the road. Time to get back to the real world.

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