Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So 60's


I have been on a redecorating/rearranging kick as I try to figure out our computer desk situation and have found myself with a surplus of dark furniture. Since the house has such a 60's theme, I thought I would roll with it and make it fun. I moved our dining room console into the family room and with a few holes and shelves removed our desk may look like this. I would kill for that table in the middle and the chair is exactly what this house needs right now. The faux leather is perfect for LuLu and the color is a scream. I even want the cat! The good news is that craigslist doesn't seem to be chock full of pleather, 60's chairs at the moment so we may all be spared another decorating disaster. If any of you have something like this just hanging out in the basement please call me ASAP.

1 comment:

Miranda said...

looks like something out of a catalog! Awesome!