Friday, February 26, 2010

Home Again

It feels good to be home. I just got back from taking Blake to Sacramento to pick up our dogs and see my parents. I am looking forward to getting back into our daily routine around here. My body is screaming at me to slow down and relax so I am going to listen and heed its advice. Can I really do that though? We will see.

Now for some quiet activities. I am encouraging everyone to slow life down and focus on one thing a day that brings you some peace and quiet.

My Nana showed me some of her knitting/crocheting books and I quickly took some home for immediate projects to make for baby #2. Isn't this book great:

I have chosen the "fancy pants" as my first project from this book. I think they will be a great diaper cover for the new baby's diaper:


Here is the wool and the back of the "fancy pants." Oh, how I love saying that name:

Now to calm my cranky, first child. If only peace and quiet was a real thing around here.

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