Friday, February 19, 2010

Break Day

We needed to slow our pace down so we headed into Balboa Island for a morning stroll.

At the ferry (a six minute walk from our condo):

Waiting for departure:

Our ride. The ferry takes three cars at a time and a limited number of passengers. There are always parents with kids on bikes or in strollers going back and forth. It is $2 for auto and driver plus $1 for passengers. I think we paid $3 for being pedestrians:

Once on the island we walked down the Main Canal to Main street where there was plenty of window shopping to lightly entertain us:

I stopped at the fire department to ask a question regarding second story safety ladders. They emphasized how smoke detectors are the main element to protecting yourself in the event of a fire. They recommended putting one in every room (minus bathrooms/kitchens). Blake enjoyed talking with the fireman and received a souvenir fire hat:

What a great sign:

On the ferry home:

We decided to stop for a Balboa bar and hit the arcade for a family portrait in the photo booth. I got caught enjoying the Balboa bar:

I hope this is the only military training Blake receives:

I interpret this as "don't skate like a surfer":

Ellen finished her consulting appointments and met up with us for a trip to the beach. We went to the Newport Beach pier and enjoyed the calm waves:

Blake still ran around like a crazy guy even though the weather has turned a bit chilly:

We saw a Korean film crew filming a pilot for a Korean sitcom. They had been on Balboa island in the morning and were at Newport beach by the evening. I guess it was a long day for them because the director? was super cranky when I walked by them and was yelling at the cast. Got to love the entertainment industry:

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