Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Andrew

Happy Birthday Andrew! Ellen, Walter, and Nick showed up last night for an early birthday party for Andrew. I took them to the airport this morning so they can fly to Alaska and enjoy their seven day cruise. Have fun guys.

Here they are posing with the cake. Since I was limited on time, I used some gel icing I found in my cake decorating supplies (from God knows when) and it made the cake look horrible. Oh well, we still ate it:

I used two, fresh cosmo flowers I picked from outside. They are so fun since they smell like chocolate. I ordered seeds from this website ( where they sell all flowers/plants that either smell like chocolate or look like chocolate. My friend Megana introduced me to these cosmos and now I am off and running.

Thanks to the boys next door, Blake has learned how to blow bubbles. You can see that he has already beat Andrew to the punch for blowing out the candle.

Have a great day Andrew. I have a babysitter lined up for some birthday fun tonight.

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