Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tri-for-fun Sprint Triathlon 2009 (Pleasanton)

What were you guys doing this morning? Andrew was busy swimming/biking/running his first sprint triathlon in Pleasanton. He wasn't alone in this venture because his co-worker Warren competed also. The two of them have been biking around the hills of the Peninsula and swimming with the Mountain View Master's program on a weekly basis. They both did such a great job and had fun too. Blake and I cheered on all the participants and were so proud of everyone who worked so hard to accomplish this great task. Andrew is training for his first, full length triathlon in September (Pacific Grove Olympic Triathlon). Never did I think we would be a triathlon family (Blake and I being super cheerleaders) and we are so proud of Andrew for all of his hard work. It is kind of like when I was on my high school basketball team with a broken wrist. I got to be a part of the fun without having to do all the work.

Here are the pictures:

Andrew finishing the swimming leg and entering the transition area:

Andrew starting out his bike leg:

Warren starting out his bike leg:

Andrew starting his running leg:

Andrew crossing the finish line:

Warren crossing the finish line:

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