Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another Rant

I do not have enough street cred regarding musical taste so I understand some people will laugh at me, but I have had it with "produced" music. I first listened to Adele on MTV Unplugged. I fell in love with her acoustic songs and was disappointed when I bought her CD. I couldn't believe the difference. There are so few talented singers out there so I wonder why they would alter their quality. Anyways, here is a clip of Adele singing "Cold Shoulder." I think she is fantastic. Andrew said her voice is like dying mice (don't quote me, but it was something like that).


Miranda said...

So do you recommend the CD or not?

Shannon said...

I definitely recommend the album. I just love her live performances that much more.

Skyla said...

I really like her as well!And I am glad she is not the typical looking singer!