Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July Surfing Weekend

Our Fourth of July weekend was spent primarily in the Santa Cruz area. Andrew got a new surfboard for his birthday. After 15 years of surfing on his old board, he decided to join the current times and surf on something a bit newer. Andrew likes Doug Haut's boards ( and has visited his surf shop a few times in the last couple months to pinpoint what board would be best for him. He ended up with another long board and said it is so much easier to paddle out on and control while surfing. He deserves this board since he has put in many hours of carrying a waterlogged board around.

At the shop:

Tying the beauty to the van:

Blake wedged in the car for yet again, another trip to the beach. On Sunday, I brought the bike trailer so Blake could ride around in it with his friend Aiden. Aiden's father surfs with Andrew so we met up with them for a few hours of surfing.

What is a board without sex wax?

Andrew and his bronze lady:

Sex wax always ruins the look of the board, but is crucial:

Blake helping his daddy:

Blake and Aiden setting off for a walk around the wharf.

Casey is the top most surfer and Andrew is at the bottom right:

Blake hanging out in the Eurovan on Friday:

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