Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday Goodies

Here is my new sewing nook (the guest bedroom closet). I actually felt bad kicking my sewing machine out for my serger, but I called on it today to finish some seams. I am loving the new trend called re-fashioning. It is a way to recycle clothing into cool, new outfits. This website ( shows how you can re-fashion men's dress shirts into toddler pants. Anyways, I made a pair of overalls for Blake re-fashioned from one of my Nana's dresses she handed down to me. I felt bad reusing the fabric, but it is so soft and came to my mind when I bought the pattern at a garage sale the other day. Perfect for 4th of July if you ask me!

This picture update is to let my mom and sister know that I took Blake to Palo Alto's children's library today. Unfortunately, I had super high expectations and ended up feeling a bit let down when we were leaving. I have such fond memories of the Livermore library so it will take something pretty special to top it.

Here is Blake figuring out he can get up on a stool all by himself. I said, "smile for the camera" and the next picture followed.

He made me melt.

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