Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Fruits and Veggies

Andrew put things into perspective for me the other night (not a moment too soon). It has been two days now of eating quite healthy and I am about to go crazy. The constant feelings of deprivation are outweighing the good parts of eating a balanced diet. All day long I am mad when I am eating peas for a snack instead of a huge chocolate bar. Wake up Shannon, addiction is hard! Anyways, Andrew helped me calm down by telling me that it isn't a huge problem that I have the fat on my body, I just need to turn it into muscle. What an easy concept. I picture my fat as bean bags giving my body a big hug. Come Monday, I am going to hit the gym so I can slowly convert those bean bags into bouncy balls.

This morning Blake and I made smoothies:
*almost half a watermelon
*plastic carton of raspberries
*two scoops of vanilla ice cream

It tasted like watermelon water, but Blake loved it:

Soon to be slush:

Last night I was preparing corn from our organic box and found this. I about jumped out of my skin. I would love our CSA (community supported agriculture) a lot better if 10% of my veggies weren't laden with bugs.


Skyla said...

Okay that always happens to me too! I now cannot husk corn for fear of a giant caterpillar jumping out at me. Grossssss!

summer fruits said...
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