Sunday, October 17, 2004

She's Home!

We got to bring Roxy (new name coming soon) home today!


I look like a deer in headlights because I haven't really slept in 48 hours! Actually, I got a good amount of quality sleep when we were visiting my parents this weekend. Andrew and I spent our first night (this last Friday) in our new home on a blow up mattress. Not super comfy.

We are still trying to pick a name for Roxy. I have given up on the Weenie Pinkinie becausee she doesn't look like a Weenie or Pinkinie. Back to the drawing board.

She is very shy right now and is adjusting to our lifestyle. Teenie wants to play with her, but she only wants to hang out around my ankles. It will take her a little bit to warm up to us because she is a rescue dog and has had a questionable upbringing.

Stay tuned...I am sure lots more pictures are on their way.


Anonymous said...

She is a cutie and needs a refined name, not regal but refined. She looks so cute sitting there and she seems quite proud of her person. Good job. She'll love your new house.

Bob said...

We have been babysitting my daughter's Schipperke for the last 6 months. She & her husband are finally returning home and we will have to relinquish him. I am devastated because Bravo weasled his way into my heart.

Your Schipperke is adorable.