Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Family In Town

My Aunt and Uncle from Arizona, Brynn and Don, came and visited Sacramento a few weekends ago. Andrew and I drove up to have a wonderful lunch with the family. It was great seeing everyone and we (mostly the girls) talked about dogs, dogs, and more dogs. My Aunt and Uncle have a new Bull Terrier puppy at home named Tansy.

The boys discussing landscaping. My dad Tom, my Uncles Don and Richard.

My favorite Nana and Grandpa.

Lunch at my Grandpa's golf club.

My Aunt Constance's chihuahua Kate.

Kate can actually climb up my Aunt's body!

Kate knows a good Granpa when she sees one.

Girl talk at my parent's house with Aunt Brynn

Can't wait to see all of you in the summer!


Anonymous said...

I'm so bummed that I missed Brynn and Don! Next time I won't be dying, I promise!

Anonymous said...

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