Sunday, October 10, 2004

Family Get Together

Andrew and I are back from Fresno where we attended Andrew's Grandmother's funeral. It was a beautiful ceremony and was filled with family, stories, and love. I love being around Andrew's family because they truly celebrate and embrace each member of the family and it doesn't even matter how closely you are related! We all went to Andrew's Uncle's house for a reception where we got to look through photo albums of when Andrew's mother/aunts/uncles were kids. Once again, I couldn't be more proud to have married in to such a proud and tight knit family. Irene will always be in our thoughts.
*Grandpa Walt and Auntie Shirley*
*Twins Auntie Gloria and Uncle Glen*
*Nick and Allen*
*Uncle Jim and Brother-In-Law Paul*
*The adorable Mia and Ellen*
*Walter, Nick, and Glen reading Irene's obituary in the local newspaper*

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