Monday, October 4, 2004

Halloween Time!

Happy Fall!

Andrew, Kelly, and I went on a pumpkin field trip this last weekend. We drove out to Armstrong nursery in San Ramon because I saw an ad stating "All You Can Carry Pumpkins for $14.99." We couldn't pass this one up since Kelly and I always get our pumpkins on October 1st. We had to make an exception because Kelly was coming up on the 2nd!

We didn't take Andrew's digital camera with us, but we did have to load a bunch of pumpkins onto Andrew's arms to prove he could hold them all. We basically humored the clerk because he said the first pumpkin goers were elderly ladies who were going to fill their arms up, but he told them not to!

I have turned my pumpkins into welome pumpkins on my front porch. Notice the lettering over cute little ghosts that Kelly suggested! I had a blast painting them. Thanks mom for mailing the inspiration page out to me so fast!

Happy Haunting!



Anonymous said...

I might change my favorite holiday to Halloween because I have an excuse to not clean up the icky cobwebs on our porch!

Anonymous said...

I love the runner, it goes on and on for days!

Anonymous said...

Your pumpkins turend out beautiful! You are way too talented! They are so very spooky!