Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Moving In

Above: Our new (Ethan Allen!) bed that Shannon found on Craigslist.

So we spent last night here again, our second night in the new home. Its really starting to feel like home here now. The dogs are starting to know the routine and Roxy is getting comfortable with us.

This morning we got the internet hooked up (thus I can post this story), and I added a doggie door to the garage from the house for the dogs to play with. Besides the huge storm thats making the garage noisy, they seem to enjoy using it.

Below you can see our kitchen table / office / entertaining area. Its a little bare now, but it will be all set up real soon now!

We love our new house!


Anonymous said...

I like your house. I like the dogs. I want to come visit soon. I like your kitchen and I like the bed.
Love Mia

Anonymous said...

We love your new home and doggie. You all seem so happy!!! Cole sends big wet kisses.

Anonymous said...

I am soooo happy that the cutest kids in the world want to come play with us. Kid slobber always welcome at our house.