Monday, October 4, 2004

Rocket and Teenie Together Again!

It has been months since Teenie has seen her cousin Rocket (my best friend Kelly's dog). Kelly came up for the weekend so we could pack our schedules full of relaxing activities. Even when we try to relax we still create huge agendas for ourselves!

We started the weekend off with a morning at the day spa. My employer gave me a gift certificate to the day spa that is only a block away from my house. I got my hair cut/conditioned by the cutest woman. She actually just bought a house and moved out to Discovery Bay too. The funniest thing was she grew up in Roseville and we actually hung out, at different times, with the same crowd of people. She told me there aren't a lot of young couples in Discovery Bay, but we were invited to be their new friends and she has plans to show us around town. Her husband is a Financial Planner and an active member of the Chamber of Commerce. We had a blast chit chatting while Kelly was upstairs getting her nails done. She loved her manicure and felt like a princess!

Here are pictures of Teenie's glee and Rocket's drive to do whatever anyone says all for a small treat! You are also getting a sneak preview of part of Rocket's Halloween costume!

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