Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Some new baby girl things home from the thrift store. I got this nesting instinct to clean these clothes (I won't admit how many hot wash cycles I use) and arrange them in cute baskets for baby's arrival. They only last in the basket long enough for a photo since Reade or Blake usually dumps all the contents out so they can pretend they are in space jail. Fleeting moments of cute before real life sets in. Hm, that sounds a lot like parenting.

I am curious to see what outfits get worn and which ones stay on the hangers:

A mini pregnancy diary:
* I have been having some serious Braxton Hicks contractions to warm my body up for the big day. One was so big I had to breathe through it and grasp on to my Costco shopping cart.
* A scene I replay in my head 100 times a day: I take a crochet hook, size E or F, and dig deep into my rear end and pull my sciatic nerve out with my bare hands.
* I have entered into that phase where I lean up against a counter and accidentally knock things over with my belly.
* I have no motivation to take another picture of myself pregnant.

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