Friday, March 16, 2012


Fun Fridays are always better spent with friends. Blake got to meet up with his best friend Chase for a play date. We went to a place called The Jungle to stay out of the rain.

All the kids climbed into the photo booth for some snapshots. I love how the first picture doesn't have any kids because I told the kids to sit down on the bench and they weren't tall enough for the camera to capture them. You can see them standing up in the next few photos. We figured it out the second time around:

A cool roller coaster ride:

My plan was to hit up Target after the Jungle, but I was just too pooped. I ended up at Ellen and David's house with two, sleeping children. They napped and then baby #3 demanded an Indian food buffet dinner. So off we all went to enjoy some yummy food:

What a great Friday.

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