Friday, March 9, 2012


This post is to review an item I bought at Costco that I found thanks to the reviews on Blake sleeps on a blow up mattress in our bedroom when guests stay overnight. We have been through two blow up mattresses and I got fed up with them popping after the fifth use. I know I can patch the things, but they seem to blow out somewhere else on the next inflation. Andrew told me he used to sleep on a trifold foam mattress whenever he slept over at his grandparents. I looked them up and couldn't believe that they are $200 from futon shops. My kids are little so I decided to go the cheap route. They have them on for $65, but they looked so cheap. For the first time, I read the eight comments attached to the reviews. Someone posted that you can find a similar product at Costco for $48. That sounded better to me. I called Costco the next day and the customer service woman told me they had 72 in stock. Let's just say they now have 71.




Item # (from Mountain View, CA Costco):

It is not the firmest mattress, but will definitely do the job.

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Danika said...

Everybody needs one of those! We always had them growing up too. They make awesome forts too :)