Saturday, March 17, 2012


Better late than never. I was wiped out yesterday and realized we didn't do any leprechaun preparations. I told the boys today that leprechauns party on this day and we try to trap them in the evening after all of their pub crawls.

First we have to eat:

Traps were set right before bed:

Blake wrote, "Leprechaun, Pot of Gold" with an arrow going the wrong direction (got to love him):

The boys after setting up the leprechaun trap:

That naughty leprechaun replaced all the boys' coats with the dress up costumes and made a trail of their shoes from the front door to the leprechaun trap:

Not too big of a mess so I am okay with this leprechaun:

Now, to go make sure that darn leprechaun doesn't turn two sippies of milk green.

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