Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I wanted to breath beach air. I didn't mean to freeze us. Yahoo weather said it was 62 degrees and sunny in Pacifica, but when I got there it was 54 degrees and windy. It was so cold it made my inner ear hurt. Blake ran around like it was summer and even waded in the water until I forced him to sit up in the sand with us. Reade was wrapped in towels and seemed okay playing in the sand right next to our blanket. Hot baths followed once we returned home.

How the heck do they do it? The surfers would jog around in circles to get warm before heading into the surf. One guy even had his dog go out with him. Poor dog and poor kids being forced into a chilly beach day:

I came up with the idea of re-purposing old board shorts into kids beach pants. I thought it would keep them a bit warmer since Northern California beaches aren't always warm:

Reade wearing his pair (a bit too short):

I really did enjoy how quiet the beach was:

Different kind of play:

That fog is so calming:

Taco Bell looked less like a fast food joint and more like a place where I would curl up next to a warm fireplace:

I am still working out the timing where the beach is that happy medium between shivering and sunburn.

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