Friday, March 2, 2012


I didn't want to be bored today. In a selfish way, I didn't want this day to be focused around my kids. My dreams came true.

My friend offered to show me around a Korean market (super fun). Then, another friend was invited to shop along and we got to go out to lunch afterwards and talk about adult things (again, super fun). Here is my loot:

I went to an Open House in our neighborhood and got to see the finished product after a quick remodel by an investor. I hope we get some fun neighbors in there. A realtor sent a flyer around saying that his last listing got 20+ offers on it. Another realtor told me he had 15 on the last house he sold. Everyone is in panic mode to get into houses before the Facebook people drive the prices up even further. This tree is down the street, but I just wanted to showcase how alive the end of winter can be in California:

Ellen had stopped by to have some tea and it turned into an impromptu date night for us. We promised Blake he could watch Star Wars for the first time so why not turn it into a grandparent movie night? Andrew and I had a great dinner together and laughed when we walked by this store on our way to Peet's Coffee. I said, "What is it exactly?" Andrew replied, "I think it is a hipster bike store. Yup, it's a hipster store." Funny:

Full day. Can't say I was bored one bit.

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