Sunday, October 16, 2011


The history of our couch saga.

It all started with a blue couch:

Then I drove to SF for the gold couch. That one was too squishy, but I loved the look.

I picked up this orange couch, but the springs were kind of shot. I liked it, but it wasn't up to Andrew's comfort standards:

In the middle of the night I realized I could take the cushions out of the gold couch and replace them with the orange couch's cushions. Now I am happy:

I just picked up this area rug for $20 at an estate sale down the street. It has that bohemian look I was going for with a bohemian price tag. The estate sale was in an Eichler with lots of mid-century things that I wanted to call my own. I have no room for them, but would love to go back and buy the: long, double grained coffee table, the funky patio chairs, the oval table with a wooden geometric design that came with a leaf and the chairs, and the list goes on and on. Keep me away!

I also purchased a funky bedspread that is in the washing machine. I will show photos later. Maybe I will include the photo of Andrew shouting "no way" when I put that thing on our bed.

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