Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Spending a morning in Costco usually saps me for the rest of the day, but today I actually had fun. We got a front row parking spot and the place was practically empty. Now that is the way to do Costco!

This product entertained me to no end. This guy's street truck is an Airstream.


His product is a bacon spread. It gets rave reviews. I had to walk past that one!

I am so lucky to have found some shoes for Reade. It is impossible to find shoes to fit this kid. Costco had Jack and Lily brand winter boots for $19.99. Sold, sold, and sold! The kid won't take them off in this 75 degree heat!

My child also benefited from my good mood. I can't believe I caved in and bought him a Bumblebee Transformers Halloween costume. There was only one glove in the package and this was his response, "Oh mom, there is only one glove in this costume. That is okay I guess. I can just wear a garden glove for the other one (hangs his head). Yeah, I could just wear a garden glove as the other one." I think I will buy him a new pair of gloves off of the Halloween Superstore website. Thank goodness they are only $6.88 including shipping.

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Danika said...

those shoes/boots rock - Ellyse is always asking to have hers put on!