Thursday, May 19, 2011

Reade (Twelve Months)

At 12 Months I:
* climb!
* point to things with my chubby hand and say "that" (sounds like "dthagh")
* say da da for anything related to my dad and ma ma for anything mommy related
* love shoes
* still make an extremely high pitched squeal when I am mad or frustrated
* hit and push things with my head (just like Blake did) when I am angry
* love to cuddle
* crack up and grin that big, daddy grin where you see gaps around my teeth
* convince people I may just be a red-head
* tried to sleep in the same room as my brother, but cried a bunch so am in a room by myself
* sometimes wake up at 3am and cry for one minute, but go back to sleep
* am learning to drink cow's milk during the day because my mom is weaning me
* always have a bruise on my head
* get hurt in ways my mom never thought possible
* worry my mom because I am crawling and scaling things quicker and faster than Blake did
* amaze people at how much food I could eat in one sitting (I have slowed down a bit now)
* am considered my mom's favorite entertainment, boy can I make her laugh
* play rough!
* have the sweetest little mullet that my mom can't get enough of

Check out my Eleven Month photo.

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Danika said...

I haven't even read all the fun stuff yet, but that picture is TOO cute! Hopefully the out-takes didn't involve him taking a nose dive off the back of the chair!