Sunday, April 10, 2011

Reade (Eleven Months)

At 11 Months I:
* walk!
* talk!
* say: da da, ma ma, uh-ew for uh-oh, and nana for banana (just once)
* have started cuddling
* push and pull everything in sight
* always have bruises on my head
* fell while chewing on the coffee table resulting in a split gum
* laugh proudly while walking
* put everything in my mouth
* can be put down in my crib to fall asleep on my own
* sleep through the night
* love to eat in massive quantities
* drink through a straw out of a big kid cup (with a lid)
* am a happy boy
* love animals and am very gentle with them
* like to hit people
* love my brother, but am cautious since he tends to knock me over
* cackle laughs (the happiest laugh) when daddy appears in the room
* still squeal at high pitches when I am frustrated/hungry/or am unhappy
* melt my mommy's heart with my plump feet and thighs

Check out my Ten Month photo.


woz said...

Go Reade!

gloria scott said...

Way cute...loved your handmade invitation Shannon.
Sorry I will miss the festivities.
Great Aunt Glo