Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The day started out so well. I found a park in Foster City that is literally on the shore. How fun is that? We played until the kids could take no more:

Andrew biked home from work after throwing up multiple times at Google (sorry fellow co-workers). Reade was sick over the weekend, but we thought all the barfing might have been him getting another tooth. Yeah, vomiting is usually not a teething symptom, but us parents always have to tag something on to it. Looks like it is a stomach bug that is trying its hardest to take me down too. I keep telling myself they are just sympathy pains.

I wanted to make spinach and mushroom quiche for dinner tonight. That will have to wait:

This is an okay dinner for Reade right? These were given to him while I dry heaved in the toilet. Tonight should be a hoot:

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