Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Embarrassingly Late

I am very late to this party. Where have I been? I had never heard of the song Blackbird by the Beatles (here is where everyone *gasps*) before watching it on the show Glee. I am now up to speed with all you all. As punishment, I had to weed through tons of horrible covers on YouTube to find some decent videos.

Let's start with the original. No matter how much people "swear" their cover is the best, it is the Beatles who always come out on top:

Time for a bootlegged version of the Glee episode where Kurt and Blaine's relationship blossoms. This episode locked me in with Glee and now I can't stop adoring Kurt. Here, Kurt is upset because his canary, Pavarotti, died so he is singing through the pain (oh, if only I could carry that guy around in my pocket):

Carolyn: Why are the Beatles everywhere? Ever since you introduced me to them, I can't seem to shake 'em!

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