Friday, May 6, 2011


Jessica is flying into Hong Kong as I write this post. She will be boarding another plane and heading to the island, state, and country of Singapore to work at Lucas Films for two years. She can't tell us what movie she will be working on, but it has to be fun right? To the middle of Malaysia and Indonesia she goes:

While there I am sure she will partake in fun things like soaking up the city lights:

Maybe she will "cruise down the 650 metres Jungle trail or the 688 metres Dragon trail" at the Skyline Luge Sentosa:


Of course, she will spend lots of time on beautiful beaches:

Siloso Beach

Or maybe she will explore cities like Geylang. It has "an atmospheric quarter on Singapore's east coast that bristles with great period architecture, leggy street walkers and some of the best local food on the island.":

Some Singapore facts just in case Jessica quizzes us:
1. Population: about 5 million people (36% foreigners)
2. Demographics: Chinese (74.2%): Malay (13.4%): Indians (9.2%): Others (3.2%)
3. Languages: English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil
4. President: SR Nathan (Sellapan Ramanathan, Tamil). He is the longest serving President in Singapore. Wikipedia states that one survey showed that "nearly 80 percent of Singaporeans hoped for a contest" against him, but he ran unopposed so we will have to wait and hear Jessica's report about everyone's true feelings.
5. Major industries: Shipping, banking, tourism, electrical & electronics, chemicals, and oil refining
6. Local currency: Singapore dollar (1 Singapore dollar: $0.80 American dollar)
7. And 40 Fun Facts about Singapore can be found here!

We miss you Jessica, but can't wait to hear all about your new adventure.
Facts taken from here and here.

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woz said...

Singapore is a great first Southeast Asian city to visit. Or one to visit as a holiday from Southeast Asian cities, since it's clean and services run efficiently.

It's kind of difficult to explain, the closest I've come in one sentence is that it's what happens when you pour bathroom detergent cleaner all over a Southeast Asian city: it's got the same architecture, language and people, but it's a little antiseptic, with a sense that the authorities will fine you for anything fun they don't like.

There are fines for chewing gum, littering, jaywalking, and the subway has its own list of fines. Singaporeans joke that theirs is a "fine city" because of the long list.

I'm sure you can get off the beaten track and get closer to the hectic and chaotic (more lively?) feel, but rather than feel like a city that's scrubbed up and house-proud, you get the feeling it was dragged into a strict boarding school and had discipline imposed.

As you mentioned in the part about the President not being challenged in elections, Singapore doesn't seem to be a free society. There's something repressed about it.

I will say it's a great place for expats with families, as it's safe, medical facilities and hospitals are first class, and I believe there are great international schools. Oh, and Singapore Airlines is consistently voted the best airline in the world. Andrew's sister should have a great time, and if you get to visit her you will, too.