Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Back Home

We are back and semi-unpacked. What a great triathlon weekend it was. I have been trying to create a video of Andrew competing, but things are a bit wild around here. Jessica is staying with us because she is hopping on a plane early Friday morning and heading towards Singapore for a two year movie project. I am trying to unpack us and not totally trash the house. Oh, and cleaning a RV is no easy feat. It was all fun and games until I found myself picking dried banana out of the carpet and scrubbing the place down without using water!

So here are some catch up pictures. I couldn't blog toward the end of the trip because the cell phone reception was so poor and I spent all my time trying to download photos of Kate and William's Royal wedding.


Andrew bought Blake his first fishing pole. I loved the rubber fish at the end of his Spiderman pole. He wipped the thing around and got smacked by the fish once. Andrew had to console him while I was giggling in the corner. Poor guy, his mom couldn't even keep a straight face. Blake would beg Andrew to take him fishing throughout the whole day. They would walk down to the lake and then Blake would say he wanted to go back to camp. Then he would stay and fish. He didn't think there would be that big of a learning curve to the sport:

Andrew caught a fish by hooking it in its eyelid. Disgusting:

Now for some competition.

Here is Blake getting his number for the first annual Wildflower Kid's Fun Run:

I have to preface this video. The was the first annual fun run so it was horribly organized. They had the kids lined up for about fifteen minutes (way too long), they switched courses, and they had them all start at the same time. Can you guess what direction this story is heading towards? Let's just say skinned knees and lots of tears. The race will begin and then Blake will appear towards the rear of the pack (thank God) towards the top of the video. I loved how he nonchalantly ran past all the trampled kids. I also disliked how they wouldn't even let them cross the actual finish line. All the parents and volunteers clogged the way. Blake met a girl named Bella and you will see her being consoled by her parents when Blake walks by them after he received his ribbon. She was sobbing as her father picked gravel out of her palms. I hope next year the organization works out those kinks:


woz said...

Blake's second race! w00t!

PS: congrats to Andrew who positively whipped that course.

TheLoneDragon said...

Just looking through your blog. You guys look great! Hope things are doing well!!!