Saturday, February 26, 2011


Before heading upstairs to bed at night, I stand in front of the fridge so I can gulp down one last glass of water before bedtime. My bright pink YMCA schedule now holds residence above the water dispenser so I can remind myself of all the fun happenings at the gym. As I was crawling into bed, I told Andrew I was thinking of making it to a morning exercise class.

This conversation ensued:
Andrew: What time is it at?
Me: 7:05am.
Andrew: I will not be awake during your class.
Me: I am always up then. I might as well go.

Here is how the night played out:
5:00am: Feed Reade
6:00am: Blake comes out of his room screaming "mommy" in that sobbing/hysterical way they sometimes do at the crack of dawn.
6:08am: I relieve Andrew from dealing with Blake because ultimately, it has to be me who puts on a fresh diaper after using the potty.
6:13am: Blake is back in his own bed and I attempt to close my eyes.
6:35am: My child realizes how much torture his bedroom can be and ends up between the two of us.

Why not head to the gym and try out a class called BODYPUMP (always written in bold letters) in a moment like this?

So here I am after I have returned from my hour at the gym. I really do feel like all my muscles agreed to hide far behind my new mom fat, all the while making dramatic protests whenever I try to get them moving again. Come on body, let's work together! Nothing makes me feel more like a middle aged mom than driving a minivan to the gym and hitting Trader Joe's before heading home on a Saturday morning (before 9am!). Rock on mommy:

I have tested out three classes now and have been impressed with all of them. The cardio dance class was fun, confusing, and a bit overstimulating. I then took a spin class. That was awesome, painful, and kind of exhilarating. Last but not least, my BODYPUMP class. It is a combination of weight lifting and pop music. My muscles burned way more than they do if I am in charge of how hard to push myself. I laughed when the instructor put: a weight bar, three sets of different weights to put on the bar, two clips for the bar, an exercise step, and a mat in front of me. At that point I knew there would be more to this class than some Jersey Shore fist pumping. This has been the most fun gym exploration I have ever had. Will I be brave enough to try BODYATTACK or Zumba/Sculpt (a combo of zumba and weights)?

Skyla - You are incredible. Don't get frustrated about trying to be the best spin instructor. I guarantee all of the hard work you put into leading the class pays off for everyone taking the class. I see the differences between instructors and I would love to have you lead my class. Just promise me you won't sing along with the music into your tiny headphone. Kind of distracting.

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